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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dhargya Lobsang |Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist

Experience Scottsdale magazine (produced by the Convention Center & Visitors Bureau) profiles a selection of local celebrities, from reScottsdale Magazine Dhargya Lobsang Luminarystaurateurs and sports figures to artists and adventurers. In December 2010, the City of Scottsdale named Dhargya as one of Scottsdales 2010 Luminaries.
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BUDDHA WALKTMDhargya Lobsang, LMT BuddhaWalk.com

For centuries, Eastern Masters facilitated healing using massage techniques passed down through time. The art and skill of walking on the back, when properly done, can adjust and align the body, release muscle tension, and relax the mind. The results are remarkable. Welcome to the Buddha Walk. 

Today, you can benefit from unique massage therapy treatments based on ancient wisdom.  The combination of Eastern and Western massage philosophies have been combined in a unique treatment experienced called: Tibetan Yoginic Massage Therapy.  This powerful massage treatment has successfully treated bodies filled with aches and pains.

A former Monk, Dhargya* is the innovator of Tibetan Yoginic Massage Therapy. His one-of-a-kind treatments  are sought after by Hollywood's elite, professional athletes, and powerful business leaders across the U.S. Now, through his private practice,
The Buddha Walk, his unique treatments are available to you. 

Take a moment to read about treatment options available exclusively through The Buddha Walk. Browse the impressive testimonials and read about Dhargya's amazing journey from East to West.  You'll quickly realize his unique gift for healing the body, while leaving you in an unforgettable state of relaxation. 

For your convenience, appointments may be requested by visiting the [Contact Page]. Be sure to download and print this FORM and bring it to your appointment.

* Pronounced DAR-Jay.